St. Giles Anglican 
Church, Estevan

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On Sunday, September 8, 2019 we celebrated the 100th Anniversary of St. Giles Anglican Church!! Our celebration started with a special service with our Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Rob Hardwick.  Bishop Rob talked to the kids first, explaining why we have candles in church and what each one represents.

To the congregation he spoke about the different parts of the church and what they represent.

During the service we had some wonderful music from Jacob, Sarah, Rebecca, Charlie May, Isabelle, Rachel and William. Their moving rendition of Today I'm Going to Try and Change The World was inspiring for all.

And another big part of the service came when we were able to burn the mortgage! This mortgage was taken out to help pay for the renovation that was completed in 2013. It's been paid off and it was great to see that mortgage burn!

Following the service we all enjoyed a fantastic pot luck lunch! And then we watched a video showing some of the history of St. Giles that was filled with many pictures of people past and present who make our history so rich! 

You can watch that video here

We also enjoyed a delicious cake. Our oldest parishioner, Mary Price cut the cake with Archdeacon Wilma!  

(the spelling of Anglican on the cake made for a few good laughs!)

The Estevan Mercury had a great article about our celebration!  You can read that here.