St. Giles Anglican Church, Estevan


April 5, 2019

Friday again!  I really will try harder to get this out earlier! Not next week though - I will be at Diocesan Clergy Retreat so I may miss sending something.   I look forward to these annual retreats that the clergy of the Diocese of Qu'Appelle and the Diocese of Saskatoon have together.  There is the collegial aspect of course but there are times of silence, times of instruction, times when we worship together.and all of these give your clergy rest and renewal.  Retreat time is good for all of us - you too! ; a time of removing ourselves from the day to day business of life to be with our Lord.  Retreats can be any length, an hour or a month - I'll be happy with a few days for now.

The scheduling of the retreat is the week before Holy Week this year - good timing as we head into a busy time in the church year.  
I have to admit that I love Holy Week and Easter Sunday as much or more than Advent and Christmas.  Strange for some to believe that I prefer Easter over Christmas, but remember that it is a deeply spiritual time that I'm thinking about - NOT Easter Bunnies and chocolate vs Santa  and presents. 

Holy Week begins with Palm/Passion Sunday,                   April 14th 10:am
continues through the week to Maundy Thursday,            April 18th            with Trinity Lutheran, Archdeacon Wilma preaching  
Good Friday,                                                                     April 19th  11:am
Holy Saturday Vigil                                                            April 20th   7:30pm  with Hot Dog roast after service
into the Resurrection of the Lord on Easter Sunday.          April 21st                  sunrise service with St Paul United, Trinity Lutheran and Youth Group
                                                                                                           10: am    Holy Eucharist at St Giles
Each of those services has special significance as we move through the days with Jesus as he enters Jerusalem in welcome and celebration,  through to His crucifixion and then to Resurrection.  I hope that you will attend these services so that you may experience the fullness and spiritual depth of Holy Week. 

See you Sunday!


And here's some info about

Holy Week

A Preparation for the Resurrection

Holy Week, for members of the Christian faith, is the last week of the season of Lent before the
celebrations of Easter Sunday, running from Palm Sunday to Holy Saturday. It is a time to
commemorate, reflect upon, and reenact, specifically, the suffering and death of Jesus Christ, though
many liturgies expand that practice to include his entire ministry.

The Days of Holy Week
In Western Christianity, each day of Holy Week has its own significance and particular celebrations.
In general, believers are encouraged to follow the biblical passages corresponding to the days the
Week represents, beginning with Christ's entry into Jerusalem on a donkey (Palm Sunday), moving
through the Last Supper (Maundy Thursday) and the Crucifixion (Good Friday) to the Resurrection
of Easter.
Attention to the Bible highlights the contrast between the sadness and suffering of the beginning of
the week with the miraculous and joyous nature of its ending. That both sorts of emotions are
important to the Week's observance is evidenced in the Easter Triduum, the three days from Good
Friday to Easter, which are considered by many denominations to be the holiest days of the year.

Holy Week in Other Countries
Many countries have elaborate rituals and customs surrounding Holy Week, including Colombia,
Peru, and Spain, in particular. In the Philippines (a predominantly Roman Catholic nation), where the
observance is known as Semana Santa, many of the Week's days have special observances. At Palm
Sunday Mass, palaspas (palm leaves) are carried in procession to be blessed by a priest. After the
service, the leaves are taken home, where they are placed above doorways and windows to ward off
evils spirits.

Holy Monday is marked by the Pasaba, a marathon chant of Jesus' life, passion, and death, which
often lasts for days at a time. On Holy Thursday, the last Mass before Easter Sunday typically
includes a reenactment of the Washing of the Feet of the Apostles, as well as a procession of the
Blessed Sacrament before it is taken to the Altar of Repose.
Good Friday sees street processions in which self-flagellation and crucifixion as acts of penance are
not uncommon. Finally, on Easter morning, Salubong is practiced, a ceremony in which large statues
of Jesus and Mary are processed to a meeting, symbolizing the first meeting of Jesus and his mother

after the Resurrection.

For Christians the world over, Holy Week is a time heavy with the rituals of repentance and sadness

for the death of Christ. It is also, however, a preparation for the elation of the celebration of his

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Celebration time!   
Our website is up and going again - Yes I know its been the same for quite a number of years, but now Mike Sinclair's blog has been updated along with a lot of other things.  Thank you Wendy and Robert Godfrey!! 
We also have media presence on Facebook with a Group page which you can post in.  There is also the Facebook page which is where you can find information about what is going on at St Giles, Diocese of Qu'Appelle, and the Anglican Church of Canada. Like both for all the best and up to date info!

Celebration time!
We now have 2.68 farms bought for PWRDF!! We have 1.32 to go - or $620.40 to go until we meet our goal of 4 farms.  Can we do this by Easter?  Pretty sure we can -  Maybe bring your pocket change, coffee money for a day, cigarette money for a day, beverage of choice money for a day... and put it in the little barn at the back of the church.  

Celebration time! 
Congratulations to the Bruins! Also, so much thanks to all the volunteers from St Giles who have done all the regular games throughout the season.

Celebration time!
Getting on with spring, off with winter boots and even our winter coats some days.

Celebration to be continued on Sunday morning - both at 8:am and 10:am ....  the readings and sermon will have more to say.....

May each day be a celebration for you - and I would love to hear about them!


Friday, March 22, 2019

Happy Friday!  For those of you who work a regular work week, you'll be winding down.  For some of us with not so normal work week/days/hours - on we go.

Sorry this is late this week!

I've had an amazingly good week. Not every week is like this but  I love ministry and sometimes there is just so much to be grateful for!  

Monday the vestry met for an emergency meeting about the leak in the roof of the rental house.  It was a good meeting, we acknowledged there was a problem, listed some options, and made a plan. We will immediately deal with the inside problems of replacing drywall and getting rid of the wet.  We will then go ahead with making a more concrete plan for the outside issues that creates the ice dam.  We are having two contractors have a look at the inside and when they have given estimates and vestry, in consultation with others, will decide which to go ahead with.  My personal thanks to Doug MacLeod for coming to assist.

Tues - rode my bike and  I may actually be enjoying it.  Can not wait for getting outside in the sun to ride it. 

Wednesday was a full day with a Ministerial meeting - what a great bunch of people to call colleagues.  We come from all different denominations but each has a sincere desire to serve God and God's people.  And mercifully, they all seem to have a sense of humour. 

I've had opportunites to have wonderful conversations; intended and intentional, as well as accidental encouters and spontaneous chats.  I have to admit that I really love these God given times to talk with people and get to know them better.
If you ever want to go for coffee or a walk or have a visit - please call, text, email or speak to me - I'd love to do that!  306-897-0402

Thursday the Committee for the 100th Anniversary met.  They have some wonderful plans for the celebration but the committee is only 7 people at the moment - that is not nearly enough to be able to do it all.  Bishop Rob is booked to come and some plans are underway but we reallly, really, need help.  There are many areas in which you might be of assistance - setting up tables, helping with entertainment or games, but to begin with we need names, adresses, phone numbers of people that you think might want to attend.  Melodye Pierson would love to hear from you if you think you can help with any of this.  

Vestry met at 7: It was the first meeting of the 2019 vestry.  It was a jam packed agenda but it was gone through thoroughly! There is so much intelligence, and wit, along with loving and pastoral hearts!  I went away so, so grateful,  The vestry will also be doing a book study on leadership at the beginning of each meeting.  It is one thing to ask someone to attend a business meeting but another to have them study as well.  I'm really looking forward to the study, and indeed the whole year.  

Pause and Pray continues on Wednesdays at St Giles 12: - 1: and 5: - 7:30pm.  Everyone is welcome to come and go and to stay as long as they like. 

Lenten Lunch was held at Trinity Lutheran and Pastor Lori preached on the question: Did Judas want Jesus to die?  

St Giles will again have a group at the Bruins game this evening.  Thank you to everyone who gives their time to do this fundraiser. 
Wishing the Bruins a good game!

Tomorrow we meet as Diocesan Council in Regina - asking your prayers for that meeting and safe travels for all who attend.

Something I'm curious about: How many of you know what "Living the Mission" is? Have you heard about it but don't know what it does?  

You can email me at if you have something that you would like to contact me about.
Something to think about:  Where is it that you really get to touch the wonder, joy and miracle of life? What is it about that place, activity or experience that is so full of life? 

Psalm 16:11  [Psalmist  says to God] "You show me the path of life.  In your presence there is fullness of joy; in your right hand are pleasures forevermore."

So, that was the week for me. I pray that yours was at least as good if not better and if it wasn't that the next will be.

Wishing you Shalom,