St. Giles Anglican 
Church, Estevan

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Words from Wilma+   July 8, 2021

 Hi everyone – Just a few things 

          †      July 11th, this coming Sunday we enter Phase 3 of the Pandemic Re-Opening Roadmap. Bishop Rob has sent out a                          letter outlining what the changes may be for the churches. I, as Incumbent and the two Wardens met on Wednesday                        evening to discuss the re-opening of St Giles and what it would look like for us. We decided the following: 

          o     There is no need for registration to come – just come and welcome back!! 

          o     July 11th and 18th there will be an 8:00am service as well as the 10:am service. 

          o     Masks will no longer be required but if you feel more comfortable wearing a mask to be with others at church, you are                   welcome to wear one. Some people don’t want to be the only one who still  wears a mask – you won’t be – some of us                     will still wear masks for reasons of our own and that is as it should be. No judgment from anyone whether you wear a                     mask or not – your choice! 

          o     Tape will be removed from pews. Physical distancing is something that we have learned and again, let your comfort                         level be your guide but remember that others also have a comfort level which may not match yours. Then again, some                     people never have been huggers so we may want to be cognizant of that too. : ) 

          o     No signing in any longer – contact tracing not necessary. 

          o     Communion will not be at back of church but will be at front of church within the service as before. We will not be                           using the altar rail for Communion until fall. 

                           “Until directed otherwise Holy Communion will continue to be in one kind only (bread). The Dean and Executive                                Committee will monitor the outcome of the derestriction …before decision on the sharing of communion                                          (wine) is to be made.” Bishop Rob’s letter of June 30, 2021 

          o      While food and drink may be served, we have decided to reinstitute Coffee Time in fall 

          o      Sunday School will begin again in fall – we usually paused for summer anyway.

          o      We encourage everyone to be fully vaccinated. 

          o      Live stream of the services will still be available – that will not stop. But we do look forward to seeing you back in the                     church if you are able to join us. 

Can I get a Hallelujah?! 

It has been a long 16 months and I am so glad that you are still here!!!

          †      As I mentioned above – there will be an early Holy Eucharist service at 8:00 am on July 11 and July 18 as well as the regular 10: am Holy Eucharist . I will be away on holiday until September 3rd. During that time the following schedule for worship:       

                July 25 join others online – there will be links posted. 

                August 1 10:am Holy Eucharist The Ven. Catherine Harper presiding 

                August 8 10:am Morning Prayer The Rev. Deacon Barb presiding 

                August 15 10:am Morning Prayer The Rev. Deacon Barb presiding 

                August 22 10:am Holy Eucharist The Ven. Cheryl Toth presiding 

                August 29 join others online – there will be links posted. 

Regarding coverage for Pastoral Emergencies while I am away, either of our Wardens or Heather Woodhouse will be able to direct you. Phone numbers will be posted. 

Bishop Rob’s Farewell Bike Tour at St Giles 

On July 17th Bishop Rob will be cycling into Estevan and joining us for a picnic. This is a time when we can share some food and say our Good-byes to +Rob in person. I think we have all missed having some social time together as a congregation so this will be our opportunity to come out and have a visit. More information to come soon! Save the date

 Ministries Roster for Readers, Intercessors, Sidesperson 

Because we will be back to worship in building with less restrictions, we are now able to have a Ministries Roster for Readers, Prayers of the People, Sidespeople and in fall – Hospitality (Coffee time) Heather will be making up the lists and if you have been any of the above in past – it is likely that your name will be on the new lists. If you have not been and would like to do any of the above ministries, please contact Heather – we will be more than happy to include you!! 

Questions or comments on any of the above welcome – call, text or email – 

 Archdeacon Wilma 306 897 0402