St. Giles Anglican Church, Estevan

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My voice is back! Thanks be to God.  It was an interesting time for sure and I’m not sure I’m even done with figuring it all out yet. Sometimes life in faith is like that – you don’t get all the answers you want, right when you want them.  Sometimes it takes a bit of unpacking. I’m ok with that.   I have a specialist’s appointment at the end of July and hopefully that will answer at least the medical questions.  

Last week I said I would put out a list and once I began to compile it, I was amazed at how much I consume in commentary, opinion, scholarship daily and weekly!  I narrowed the list down to a few things under each heading and asked Deacon Barb to add hers.  I asked my niece, who is a millennial and a great reader of Christian material, and consumer of Christian media to give me her list as well.  I’ll add it next week.  
I didn’t even get to books and authors this time – we will do that next week.  I like to think that I listen to diverse voices, men, women, LGBTQ, people of colour, Indigenous, children, youth and elders, - and so on.  Its important that we take in other voices that may challenge us.  I don’t spend media time with many fundamentalists, literalists – I don’t go there because we disagree at the very base of our theology. But sometimes even they will at least help me to affirm what and who I believe in.  Some Progressives are a bit too progressive for me – and I am careful to think over their theology when I feel it is pushing me too far.    

Do I expect you to click on every one of these links – no.  I wish, but no.  I do hope and pray that you might try one or two.  Look for something that interests you.  A Bible app on your phone at the very least.    

Some people still prefer paper and I will list books and authors next week.  

If you have some favorites, please be sure to give me the list and I will add them.  

Jesus desired disciples - still desires disciples – attending church is a beginning of discipling as is studying, praying, being part of a church community and meeting around the Eucharist.  

I am here to help, guide, assist you in broadening your faith, going deeper, and becoming a disciple. It is my deepest prayer that God will help me and will use me to do this. Please let me know how I can help you - with this or anything else.  
Church Websites: 
Anglican Church of Canada
Diocese of Qu’Appelle
St Giles Estevan 
To assist with Daily Prayer 
The Daily Office Mission St Clare  
I really like this one – Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer also has music with words to hymns so you can sing along or just listen.  Free 
Forward Day By Day 
      I’ve used this for quite a long time. Very accessible 
Center for Action and Contemplation 
      Deacon Barb’s recommendation 
For the Love with Jen Hatmaker - lots of interviews.  Fun and educational.   
Shauna Niequist   - also an author 
Can I Say This at Church   - interviews with diverse and interesting people  
Pulpit Fiction    - lengthy but sometimes interesting 
Deacon Barb’s recommendations: - 
Richard Rohr  - Another Name for Everything 
Encountering Silence  
Super Soul – with Oprah 
Apps for your phone 
Forward Day by Day – the daily readings come with a short reflection  
Olive Tree – offers different versions of the Bible as well as many other study books – some do cost 
Bible – offers different versions of the Bible 
The Daily Office from Mission St Clare 
Malcolm Guite 
     This site offers many different Progressive Christian bloggers.  Offers diverse voices and points of view.  Some I highly recommend.
Giving thanks for God's Grace and You,